Financial Apps and Tools

Diamond NestEgg offers a wide range of tools and resources to help shape your financial journey.

We believe that when it comes to personal finances, people want to talk to people. But we also know that apps and tools are vital to budgeting, money management, measuring success and accessing higher learning.

By combining the latest technology with extraordinary people, we have created a comprehensive Diamond NestEgg toolkit to help you better manage your money, make smarter decisions and track your progress – real time.

Human-led workshops

Our top financial trainers lead regular in-person workshops to guide you through the basics of budgeting, saving and smarter financial decision-making that will stay with you for life.

Bill payment platform

We are the only bill payment service that combines the latest technology with a personal human touch. Manage your own bills, your aging parents’ bills or your college kids’ bills – all in one place.

Budgeting tool

Diamond NestEgg’s personal finance management app helps you monitor your spending and savings easily and intelligently, so that you can get on track and stay there. Built for you, by you. Coming in 2020.

Articles & guides

Our blog covers a wide range of content from basic budgeting to advanced retirement topics like Social Security – written by our financial wizards to help kickstart your financial fitness.

Useful e-books

The brains behind our business have put their financial thoughts down on paper. Download our most popular e-books on “Jumpstart Your Financial Fitness” and “Saving For Retirement”.


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Our Promise

We believe so deeply in our cause to improve your personal financial health that your first coaching session is on us. So what's the harm in taking the first step?

Invest in your financial future

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