Financial Solutions for Businesses, Schools, and Non-Profits

Diamond NestEgg offers comprehensive programs to help employees and students reduce their financial stress and focus more on the task at hand.

A happier and more productive environment

Americans consistently rank money as the top source of stress, ahead of personal relationships and work. Diamond NestEgg has set out to help businesses, universities & non-profits change this. Through company-led financial wellness programs, you can now offer your valued employees and students a pathway to improving their own financial health.

Attract the best talent

In today’s competitive climate, companies and universities are constantly looking for ground-breaking ways to attract and retain top talent. Employees and constituents expect more than just a paycheck, free lunch and textbook solutions.

Diamond NestEgg enables organizations to offer creative, much-needed employee and student perks and benefits. Our hands-on workshops, webinars and coaching provide the tools to deal with student debt, reduce financial stress & improve overall financial well-being, which positively impacts every aspect of our lives.

How we work

Diamond NestEgg has a repository of cutting-edge financial wellness resources for organizations to provide a path of financial wellness for employees and students. From basic budgeting content to advance retirement topics, and apps and tools, we make it easy for you to provide an extensive benefits package focused on financial wellness. 

We make it simple for you to build a flexible white-label solution of workshops and coaching resources, materials, guides for the needs of your institution. Let’s see what combination is the most sensible for you.

Provide real-life value

“The best gift you can give people is the continuous gift of learning. Together with Diamond NestEgg, companies and universities are providing real-life value to their employees and students in a way that benefits both parties. A happy employee is a healthy employee and a happy student is a tip-top student, and our services are a great way to invest in their on-going well-being.”

– Jennifer Lammer, CEO, Diamond NestEgg

We offer a variety of options

Not sure where to start? Explore our most popular options for organizations.

Hands-on Workshops

Host small or large group workshops and webinars to educate employees and students on budgeting, saving, debt and retirement topics.

Financial Coaching

Sponsor 1:1 or small group coaching sessions. Put a 6-12 month plan in place to help employees become financially fit for life.

Apps & Tools

Give the gift of time with easy to use apps & tools. Automate bill payments and simplify personal money management from anywhere.

"The need to reskill people, restructure work, and improve the workforce experience is now paramount. This means that a broader view of rewards is becoming more important than ever as organizations look for effective ways to motivate their people. "

Deloitte Insights 2019

Accelerate the path towards 100% financial fitness

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