Personalized Financial Coaching Services

Diamond NestEgg offers personalized financial coaching for individuals, families and companies to improve overall financial health.

Lose the weight of financial stress

With Diamond NestEgg’s financial coaching, we work with you individually to overcome your financial concerns and set measurable, achievable goals in private 1:1 coaching sessions with top industry trainers.

Confidential & secure

We work with you 1:1 in a comfortable setting – no judgements or stress. We work at a pace that suits you.

All shapes & sizes

There is no one size fits all plan. We work with every age and profession, no matter your current financial situation.

Measurable & successful

We set micro and major milestones along the way for guaranteed long-term success. We’re here for the whole ride.

Did you know?

A recent CNBC study showed that an astounding majority of Americans believe they will run out of money while in retirement. Even scarier, over 40% of people have not done anything to change it.

Changing your financial mindset

Many of us set resolutions and goals throughout the year based around spending and saving habits. We’re going to finally pay down that debt, plan for retirement, save money for an overseas trip – but how many of us actually follow through?

As we juggle the commitments and responsibilities in our busy lives, good money habits can quickly fade away.

Financial Coaching in NYC
Financial Coach New York

That’s because meeting our financial targets is more than just about a budget or a plan – it’s a change in mindset. We need to adapt the way we think and act on a daily basis in order to achieve peak financial fitness. Exercising muscles of discipline and consistency are key to taking back control of our financial well-being.

Similar to our physical fitness, it’s a continuous process that requires practice and dedication. Having a personal financial coach gives us the support, tools and resources we need to improve our financial position now and keep us in shape for our future.

According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 40% of Americans would struggle to pay $400 for an unexpected expense. Not being financially prepared for life’s mishaps – such as a visit to the emergency room, a major auto repair or job loss – often tops the list of money worries that keep us up at night.

Do you have an emergency fund? If not, learn how to set one up in three simple steps

What to expect from your coaching sessions

  • Learn the fundamentals of budgeting, credit, retirement planning and other financial topics that pertain to your situation
  • Review your current financial situation, including income, savings, outstanding debt and future goals
  • Develop concrete targets and a step-by-step plan to get you to a place of financial security
  • Create excitement about your financial future, with more motivation and less stress
  • Receive on-going unbiased, non-judgemental human support every step of the way

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Financial Coaching in NYC

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