Financial Intermediary Partnership Solutions

Diamond NestEgg offers a partnership solution for Financial Intermediaries to offer invaluable education and tools for their clients and members.

Personalized financial wellness client solutions

Diamond NestEgg has pioneered into the financial wellness space by helping everyday Americans improve their financial health. Now financial companies can leverage the benefits of our unique fitness programs to deliver value-added services to their customers and members. From financial workshops to customized content and tools, we provide a solution for clients of all ages and professions to better their financial health.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

More and more banks, credit unions, advisors and brokers are focused on customer-centricity and searching for new ways to add value by delivering custom-tailored solutions to their clients and members. Diamond NestEgg provides an innovative solution for financial intermediaries to humanize their customer interactions. Through personalized financial coaching, co-sponsored workshops, unbiased content and a suite of personal money management tools, firms can deliver finely-tuned customer solutions at critical moments in their life cycle.

How we work

Diamond NestEgg offers unlimited educational resources and coaching to help your customers and members budget, save and prepare for their financial future. From in-person coaching, workshops and webinars to out-of-the-box courses and white-labeled materials and guides, we offer a flexible solution for every firm and customer base. Our partnership options are unique and customizable, so speak to an expert first to find the best solution for you.

Offer innovative client interaction

“Together with Diamond NestEgg, financial intermediaries can personalize the experience of their clients and members by offering tailored solutions built to improve personal financial health. Is your client thinking about a first home? Your firm can offer a 6-month financial coaching program to help them save for the down payment. This is just one example of how we can help financial companies invest further into their clients’ financial growth and well-being.”

– Jennifer Lammer, CEO, Diamond NestEgg

Did you know?

Managing money better is the #1 New Year’s resolution Americans are kicking off the new decade with, ahead of eating healthier and losing weight.​

Add value where others don't

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