Personal and Family Financial Coaching Services in NYC

Diamond NestEgg is an innovative financial wellness company working to get your financial health back on track.

A financial solution just right for you

Whether you are just starting out or already enjoying your retirement, we work with you to understand your specific situation and goals and to develop a personalized plan for you to improve your financial well-being.


Age 29

Through community-based workshops, Sally has a plan to pay off her student debt and begin building a nest egg for her own marketing business.

The Roberts Family

Ages 6 - 58

The Roberts Family has a financial fitness coach to help them pay off their mortgage within five years & take an overseas family trip next year.

John & Anne

Ages 76 - 78

John & Anne use our Bill Payment Service to make life easier on their loved ones. All bills are paid on time & managed remotely.

Put your financial wellness first

In the United States alone, 90% of people do not believe they have enough savings to retire. In fact, surveys show that financial or money matters rank consistently as the top source of stress for most of us. We’ve set out to change that.

By combining talent with technology, we’re able to design a customized system that caters to your unique financial fitness. Once implemented, you’ll become reinvigorated & motivated by the prospects for your financial future.

How can we help?

Think of us as your personal trainer for your financial fitness. We take the guesswork out of budgeting & saving, and put you on a customized plan to build your nest egg. We teach you the ins and outs of financial responsibility, and give you the tools to stay financially fit throughout your life. We believe that no matter your age, debt or income, everyone is deserving and capable of achieving their own financial freedom.

Choose your path

Not sure where to start? Explore our best starting options.

Join our next casual (and free!) workshop where we cover basics such as budgeting, saving and retirement

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